2019 Rochester River Monsters NAMLA Schedule

The North American Minor Lacrosse Association has released the league’s 2019 schedule. We are pleased to announce the overview of the Rochester River Monsters schedule here. We will also be providing team schedules for each age group in the near future.

4/14/2019AwayAlleganyT,N,P,B.MGame 1
4/27/2019AwayNewtownT,N,P,B,MGame 2
4/28/2019HomeChampionN,P,B,MGame 3
5/5/2019HomeAlleganyT,N,P,B,MGame 4
5/11/2019AwayOnondagaT,N,P,B.MGame 5
5/18/2019HomeTonawandaT,N,P,B,MGame 6
5/19/2019HomeNewtownT,N,P,B,MGame 7
5/22/2019HomeTuscaroraT,NGame 8a
5/23/2019HomeTuscaroraP,B,MGame 8b
5/26/2019AwayChampionN,P,B,MGame 9
6/2/2019HomeOnondagaT,N,P,B,MGame 10
6/5/2019AwayTuscaroraT,NGame 11a
6/7/2019AwayTuscaroraP,B,MGame 11b
6/18/2019AwayTonawandaT,NGame 12a
6/19/2019AwayTonawandaP,B,MGame 12b

A printable schedule can be downloaded with individual links into the games.


Reminder: Youth Practices Tomorrow!

As a reminder we will be having two youth practices tomorrow. The first practice is an hour earlier than usual, from 5 – 6PM at the Rochester Sports Garden. This practice is for tyke, novice and peewee age groups. The second practice is confirmed this week and is from 7 – 8PM for the bantam and midget age groups.

Practice is free for team members, $10 for the general public.

See you there!


Rochester River Monsters Promote Doug Beck to CanAm General Manager


Rochester River Monsters Lacrosse means commitment to serving the sport and Western New York. In this tradition, we are proud to inform our community that Doug Beck will now be serving as General Manager of the Senior B (CanAm) team. After serving for a season as the Assistant General Manager last season, Doug will be transitioning into this position as his primary responsibility. “We are very excited about Doug taking on a greater role in the team this year. It really shows his commitment to the team and his interest in helping our organization grow. I am very confident with his abilities and I am excited about the passion he has for the entire program”, team President and outgoing GM Steve Buck said when asked about promoting Doug into this position.

“We are very excited about Doug taking on a greater role in the team this year. It really shows his commitment to the team and his interest in helping our organization grow. I am very confident with his abilities and I am excited about the passion he has for the entire program”

– Steve Buck, President Rochester River Monsters

A little history on Doug and how he got to this position:

Originally from North Carolina, Doug moved to Rochester and adopted it as his home when he started his career as a professional football player on the Rochester Raiders. While playing on the Raiders, Doug caught the eye of the Rochester Greywolves and was brought in as a defenseman. After the Greywolves folded, Beck was so passionate about keeping CanAm lacrosse in Western New York, he was part of the initial group that brought you the Rochester River Monsters lacrosse team.

Beck, pictured here with River Monsters Owner and CEO, Jeffrey Shepard, originally from North Carolina, Beck made Rochester home after joining the Rochester Raiders Arena Football Team.

Community and service are a big part of who Doug is so when he isn’t working as a sales floor manager at Victor Chevrolet, he chooses to give his time to coach our Rochester River Monsters youth teams and Rush Henrietta’s youth football. Beck is the proud fur father of Sora and Benelli. He is also a collector of comic books and avid outdoorsman – hunting and fishing when not working towards River Monster success.

Please join us in welcoming Doug into his new role with the Rochester River Monsters!

2019, NAMLA

NAMLA Season Signup is here!

I am excited to announce that starting today we will be offering signups for our NAMLA teams for the 2019 season!

Can’t say enough about how great our experience has been with the Rochester River Monsters. I am convinced that every minute playing box is worth 3 min playing field. Brodie is doing great (1G-3A yesterday) and he loves all the action. Yeah the other kids are bigger but that is what makes it a challenge.

— Dennis Joyce

Sign up now for the 2019 season!

What you get with our program:

  1. Practices: Teams will practice every other week starting late November until the end of February (6-7 practices) and then a weekly practice from March until the season ends in late June or early July (at least 15 practices).
  2. Clinics: The organization will be offering clinics in November to get the kids excited about our upcoming season. These will be free to kids signed up for the team.
  3. Games: Each team will play every other team entered in our league twice, once home and once away. The number of games will vary for each age group, but on average there will be approximate 10 – 12 regular season games. The top four teams for each age group will then participate in a single elimination playoff to determine who the league champion is.
  4. Tournaments: The teams will be given the opportunity to participate in at least one extra tournament outside of the regular season (not included in the cost, but roster preference will be given to the team first before opening it up to outside participants).
  5. Skills: The leagues we compete in are full-contact box lacrosse. This means that the players are learning the stick skills they need to play quickly and in a small space, making them more efficient players both in the box and on the field. Right now everyone is looking to get box experience in. This is the most competitive, fast moving box lacrosse in this region.
  6. Community: Our teams all form a very strong bond. They practice a lot together, they spend time at games together, and they learn to work together and stand up for each other when they are playing. This forms bonds with the players that will last long beyond the River Monster’s season.

We are expanding!

We are now offering signups for all of the age groups that NAMLA offers. We will field a team for an age group based on interest and number of signups. This means if your child is 4 years old up to 17 years old, we have a place for them to play!

We are keeping the same uniforms:

We are keeping the same uniform design as last year, but all players are required to have their own uniform. This means if you played on our team last year and have a uniform, you do not need to purchase a new uniform this year unless your uniform needs replaced.

In all cases, interest and signups for the teams are key:

We must have at least 10 players for each level in order to have a team in that age group.

Be a part of the action!  Sign up now for the 2019 season!